Our mission is to provide our clients with products that they can use to create and come up with new ideas, images, trends.... Plakene® truly has it all, due to its ability to generate excitement with its visual possibilities. The feelings that you will experience when you have Plakene® in your hands are infinite, as infinite as the number of things that you can imagine, that you can create... There are no limits!

Plakene® is supplied in a wide range of standard colours that range from white to black, with a careful selection of greys and an extensive multicoloured palette that includes eye-catching bright classic colours and elegant modern pastel tones. This is the great Plakene® family.

Gama de Productos Oasis (Opaco) Oasis (Opaco 100% reciclado) Tropic (Translúcido) Tropic (Translúcido 100% reciclado) Zafir (Transparente) Igloo (Brillo/mate)