MELNIK, fully aware of the needs that creatives have, and in order to adapt even further to the printing and manipulation processes selected, offers you three different varieties of Plakene®:


Slight waffle effect on both sides, designed for covers, dividers and print jobs. Available in white, black and natural (colourless translucent), as well as in the opaque colours of
Plakene® Oasis and the translucent colours of Plakene® Tropic.


Completely smooth and glossy surface. Its delicacy means it is easy to scratch, requiring special care in usage.


One of its sides is glossy and the other is matte.These are our special Plakene® Igloo products, in white and translucent, as well as any colour in the Plakene ranges, on demand. Please consult us.
MELNIK, in addition to the standards shown in the chart, can be produced in any thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to
1.8 mm, for these types of orders with MELNIK.
This is the standard sheet size for Plakene® Oasis and coloured Plakene® Tropic, produced only in thicknesses
of 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm.
We produce Plakene® in these two standard sheet sizes in white, black and natural, and
in all standard thicknesses.
MELNIK can manufacture any of its Plakene® products (coloured, white, black and natural) in 105 x 120 cm format, on express demand. Please consult us.
Gama Plakene