Online design platform for the agriculture & food sector

Development of an online platform as a design observatory for the agriculture & food sector, which displays the updated and main design trends in the sector, with respect to products and packaging. After conducting a preliminary prospective study, these tendencies are conceptualised by creating sample product information sheets for each of the new and innovative lines detected, identifying alerts and attending trade fairs, in order to provide information to companies working in this field.

The ‘Development of an Online Design Observatory Platform for the Food & Agriculture Sector’ project has a dual goal. On the one hand, one aim is to learn about and disseminate new trends that will be established in the food & agriculture sector in upcoming years, in order to promote them among companies in the food & agriculture sector and similar sectors in the Valencian Community. On the other, this project seeks to raise awareness in the agriculture & food sector about the importance of design as a key factor to improve competitiveness.

This twofold goal was brought to fruition by starting with creating and annually updating an online platform as a design observatory for the food & agriculture sector, which will let user companies detect trends around the world. This online platform has open access and can be used as a support tool for companies’ innovation in the food and agriculture sector.
The Online Design Observatory in the Food & Agriculture Sector, which is identified by the moniker of @diseadesign, sets forth the 7 key concepts that define the main design trends in the food & agriculture sector with regard to products and packaging. For each of these core areas, the different lines of influence shaping it are described and exemplified through a product information sheet. The website has a search engine that lets users perform searches within the portal, as well as identifying specific information of interest.

Our success in implementing the project goals has had an extremely beneficial effect for companies, by:
– Showing companies different possibilities of how to introduce design and innovation into their company strategies so that they gain a clear competitive advantage that sets them apart from the competition.
– Providing information that complements designers’ creativity by providing information and knowledge about new design trends and requirements in different areas of the agriculture and food sector, so that service companies can improve their capacity for innovation.
– Improving the company/designer relationship by spotlighting the successful experiences of other companies in the food and agriculture sector.
– Providing companies with key sociological information to keep in mind when developing new products.
– Providing both food and agriculture companies and designers with the concepts and trends they should take into account to innovate, both with regard to product and package designs, and always ensuring product safety across the entire value chain.
This tool is being fine-tuned and developed on a continual basis. Thus, in upcoming years, the observatory will be updated through feedback and as new key concepts are detected, as well as new lines of influence, new trends and new products. Then the database of case-study product information sheets exemplifying these different trends will be added.

The project has been developed with funds granted by IMPIVA (Small & Medium Enterprise Institute), proceeding from the 2nd Plan for Competiveness of Valencian Companies (PCEV), within the concrete initiative of incorporating design into the business framework.

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Ainia, in co-operation with IMPIVA, develops the Odisea portal.