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Phœnix is the opaque polystyrene sheet that is perfect for packaging and signage, especially ice-creams, advertising, promotional articles, display cases, POS materials and communications;
signs, dividers, dividing screens and interior design; tops, furniture, lamps and electric components; car and refrigerator interiors; shirts, labels, household containers, sample books, ticket strips, blackboards, menus, etc.

Resistant to fats, weak acid aqueous solutions, bleaches, alcohols and some oils.Not resistant to strong oxidising agents.It swells when in contact with gasoline, benzene, xylene, toluene... and can end up warping slightly.Not resistant to UV radiation, as it becomes fragile.
Phœnix is tear- and impact-resistant.It performs optimally at room temperature (23º C) and low temperatures (around -25º C).

During manufacturing, both sides of Phœnix sheets are submitted to corona treatment, so that they obtain an adequate surface tension for their subsequent printing.
UV offset printing has a 3-month warrantee after the production date, with a 6-month warrantee for UV screen printing. Phœnix acan also be hot foil stamped.
The inks used in printing must be specific for polyethylene.

Applicable standards:
1. Contact with foods:EEC Directive 2004/19/EC;European Resolution AP-89-1
2. Toys:Standard EN 71-3
3. Electric devices and home appliances:EEC Directive 2002/95/EC.